Providing Students with Possibilities While Fighting Wage Theft

Meet Mark McCarthy.

Mark is a Migration Policy Researcher at the United Nations Migration Agency (International Office of Migration). But before Mark held this title, he was an undergraduate student at the University of Denver, a research assistant on the DU Just Wages Project at Korbel, and an intern at El Centro Humanitario, a day laborer support center in Denver.

When you support the DU Just Wages Project at Korbel, you’re doing much more than fighting wage theft. You’re investing in students so they can become future academics, policymakers, advocates, and researchers.

When Mark started working on the project, he had mostly worked in restaurants to earn money for school and didn’t have much research experience. By the time he graduated, Mark had gained experience in data analysis, conducting qualitative interviews, and in analyzing the data and responses gained in these interviews. He learned to work with local non-profit organizations. He learned how to work with a team of diverse student researchers from various backgrounds, teaching him new perspectives and ideas.

Through working on the DU Just Wages Project @ Korbel, Mark moved towards a career path of working in migration and with vulnerable migrant populations.

“My current work in Migration was directly influenced by my work on the Just Wages Project,” Mark says, “I continue to employ many of the analytical and professional tools that I gained on the project in my professional life today.”

Since our project started in 2015, over 60 graduate and many more undergraduate students like Mark have gained valuable experience in qualitative research, data analysis, data coding, surveying, direct action techniques, and working with immigrant populations.

Please donate today to give more students the opportunity to gain tangible career skills while advocating for and working with victims of wage theft in our community.


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