The Faces of Wage Theft: David

Written by: Max Spiro

David once worked a job installing a washing machine, when he suffered a hernia. He went to the employer asking for help and worker’s compensation, but the employer claimed that David’s problem was not a result of his work.

Unable to work because of the pain, David sought help.

Perhaps because of his legal status, lack of health insurance, or inability to pay, David was refused service at multiple hospitals. When he finally received treatment, his medical expenses amounted to over $2,000 dollars.

During this time, he was unable to work for over a month. Due to his paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle, David was unable to pay his medical expenses.

David’s daughter told him she didn’t want a cake for her birthday, because she knew he wasn’t working. David said a variety of church groups sponsored him, and he was able to raise money to pay back his medical bills.

He never recovered the wages lost during his time asking for money and in the hospital.

David is just one example of the many cases of wage theft that the researchers, advocates, and direct action team members of the DU Just Wages Project @ Korbel are fighting against. By supporting our project you can help spread awareness of this issue and help workers like David. Please donate today.

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