You Can Help Fight Wage Theft

When you complete a day of work, you expect to be paid. But for so many day laborers in the Denver metro area who experience wage theft, this isn’t the case.

Wage theft occurs when employers do not pay workers for hours worked, when they pay less than promised, misclassify workers, make illegal deductions from wages, or pay less than minimum wage. Wage theft disproportionately affects both immigrant communities who are already vulnerable to exploitation and those working in the construction and service industry.

The DU Just Wages Project at Korbel is working to fight wage theft. But we need your help.

The Colorado Fiscal Institute (CFI) estimated that wage theft affects half a million Coloradans and that workers are losing at least $750 million a year. This means that workers come home from long days of physical labor without money to buy groceries because their bosses refused to pay them. It means workers who work multiple jobs seven days a week can’t make up for money lost due to their employers pretending they’ve never met them and will not answer their phone calls.

DONATE NOWOur team of researchers and advocates has been investigating and fighting against wage theft since 2015. To date, our research team has interviewed 170 and surveyed over 400 day laborers in Denver to investigate the causes of wage theft and the realities of the workers who experience it.

As many of us took the day off for Labor Day, many immigrant day laborers in Denver may have worked a full day for employers who failed to pay them of their hard work in our city. Because of this, our team asks for your help in raising $2,500 to spread the word and continue fighting on the behalf of workers that experience wage theft.

Your donation means that we can disseminate the results of our research to spread knowledge about this issue that affects our city. It means our team can produce a report for Denver City Council to develop a more robust ordinance to protect workers from wage theft. Your donation could cover the fees workers face when bringing employers to small claims court for wage theft or processing determinations from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment so that they can collect their owed wages.

More importantly, your donation will mean that the workers building our city will be paid for their labor and our city will become a more just place to live in which employers cannot take advantage of their employees. When they do so, it depresses the working conditions of all workers, undermines the quality of work being done in our city, and provides unscrupulous employers with an unfair business advantage as they profit off the backs of vulnerable workers. Please donate to the DU Just Wages Project @ Korbel today.


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