Meet the Just Wages Project Researchers: Kendra Allen

Kendra was drawn to the work Professor Galemba was doing on the Wage Theft project, because of her passion for the issue and because it would give a voice to those who often don’t have one. Day laborers are often silent victims of Wage Theft and working closely with them gave her a chance to offer them a voice, and bring light to the unjust actions of those taking advantage of their undocumented status. The project impacted Kendra greatly, as she saw the lives of hardworking people being taken advantage of. Though the project, she also made connections with great organizations such as El Centro Humanitario, who work endlessly to help them.

After graduating, Kendra hoped to find a career were she could continue to help those who migrate to the United States for work and have little resources. She was lucky enough to work for an organization in New Jersey that works with local migrant farmworkers. She holds the position of Migrant Health Outreach Manager, providing health outreach to migrant farmworkers who experienced similar struggles as day laborers from Denver, including providing health resources, as well as, legal resources. She is forever grateful to those who shared their stories and lives with me, as they have changed hers.


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