Meet the Just Wages Project Researchers: Jordyn Dinwiddie

Jordyn bio page.jpgJordyn was first introduced to the Just Wages project in her Community-Based Research Methods class. I chose to be a part of the data collection group. The group created the preliminary questions in the data collection database called REDCap. After the class was over, Dr.Galemba approached Jordyn about becoming a more permanent part of the project. She happily accepted. Her role has been to finalize the questions, create the survey structure, and enter in surveys into REDCap.

Originally,  Jordyn thought that she would only be gaining more data entry experience, which she did gain through the project and am grateful for. However, what she did not expect was how much she would be impacted by entering the surveys.

The rawness of the respondents answers, unaccompanied with a story or explanation has greatly affected her. She has learned a great deal about these men’s lives, and yes, statistically speaking, they are all male. This survey has changed how she talks about wage theft and undocumented workers. It has also educated her on the laws surrounding wage theft. A person should not have to just “trust in God,” for hope that they will get paid after working 12 hours. Jordyn is excited for the insights that this project will provide and hopefully support emerging legislation.


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