Meet the Just Wages Project Researchers: Diego Bleifuss Prados

Version 2As a member of the DU Just Wages survey team, Diego conducts interviews with Day Laborers at corners across the Denver Metro area. While most of his studies are focused on International Studies and Development, he was interested in being active and engaged in local Denver issues and the DU Just Wages project has provided just that opportunity.

This work has introduced Diego to many amazing laborers who are almost always friendly, incredibly hard-working, and happy to answer the many questions asked by the surveyors. The workers’ responses are often moving, surprising, and—unfortunately—infuriating. Labor abuses are common and most workers have stories of exploitation at the hands of unscrupulous and dishonest employers.

The DU Just Wages Project has strengthened Diego’s interest in immigration rights and justice, and as a result he has become more involved in the Denver Sanctuary movement. This work has also taught him the hard skills of surveying and interviewing, and has informed research he is hoping to complete as part of an independent study.


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