Meet the Just Wages Project Researchers: Cristal Torres Lopez

Version 2When Professor Galemba asked Cristal to participate in the Just Wages Project she was so excited to partake in a project that was researching an area that she was exposed to throughout my childhood. Having been born to two undocumented immigrants from Mexico, the story of the day laborer was one that Cristal knew well, so being able to document the experiences of day laborers and most importantly their encounters with wage theft was something she knew she had to be involved in!

Being involved in this project has impacted her both in personal and professional ways. Professionally, she has been able to continue to use my Spanish speaking and writing skills. Additionally, completing the CITI certification has been beneficial. Being able to be a research assistant as an undergraduate student student has been a great a career booster.

Personally, Cristal has been able to reflect on what the experience of the undocumented immigrant is. She feels lucky to have found faculty at the Korbel School like Professor Galemba who care about marginalized individuals and instill a sense of social justice and inclusivity to ensure that everyone has basic rights (such as a fare and just wage).

The Wage Theft Project has influenced Cristal’s current work by confirming that she would like to work with migrant/refugee communities in the near future.


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