Meet our Researchers: Jazmin Bustillos

Version 2Jazmin began her involvement in the DU Just Wages project after completing an internship at Towards Justice an organization that works specifically with victims of wage theft. Jazmin began her work there because of her interest in going to law school and her passion for immigrant’s rights. There she completed intakes over the phone and did other administrative tasks for the organization. She learned a lot about labor law and the issues that many workers face daily basis. Her experiences in the organization only further developed her interest in the law, specifically when it comes to workers’ rights.

When the opportunity to work in the DU Just Wages projects as a surveyor it seemed like the perfect fit. It was a great opportunity to delve deeper into the issue out on the field. Jazmin heard from workers from a different lens of research rather than responding to those workers seeking for help. By being out in the field she learned that the issue is much bigger than it seems. There are many workers who experience wage theft who don’t seek for help and the problem goes unnoted. The experience with DU Just Wages project deepened her passion for law and justice and has inspired her to move forward with her career in the law. After graduating from the University of Denver as an undergraduate she plans to attend law school.

Currently, she is studying abroad in Valparaiso, Chile where she is also completing an internship with workers’ rights. Specifically, she will be working with immigrant populations of Chile where there has been a recent influx of immigrants from Haiti and the Dominican Republic. She is excited to continue her diving deeper into the issue but from a context outside of the United States.


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